Freberg Energy Division

Freberg Energy is a division of Freberg Environmental, Inc. We provide a specialist global onshore property offering, through targeted Retail Brokers.  We are focused on insureds in the Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Heavy Industrial, and related Construction segments. The Energy team is a unique combination of personnel with over 100 years of combined insurance and energy experience.  


Key Coverage:*

• Onshore Commercial Property for Energy and Construction Risks


*Available coverages will vary based on class of business.


For more information on the services and products offered by Freberg's

Energy team, please contact:

Anthony Carroll
(914) 707-1217

Catherine M. O’Brien
Executive Vice President
(609) 781-0719

Craig Sutton
Senior Vice President
(972) 658-8644

Peggy E. Day
Operations Manager
(860) 306-4230

Gary Windsor

Senior Vice President

(239) 478-5088

Larry A. Kuntz

Vice President

(469) 358-6202

Yulia Michael, CPCU

Vice President, Underwriter

(516) 488-8015


In California dba: FEI Insurance Services / License # 0G89298