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Loss control information is provided to our insured firms who have mold consulting or mold abatement exposure through our publication, Understanding and Managing Mold: A Handbook for Engineers, Consultants and Contractors. The loss control handbook was written by FEI, in conjunction with a leading multinational environmental engineering firm, to provide our clients with current and relevant information about some of the risks they face when working with mold. The handbook is a compilation of FEI's experience in the environmental insurance, consulting and contracting businesses. The handbook highlights methods for avoiding business risks that are common in when working with mold. Some key chapters provide a good foundation in contract issues, marketing, claims examples, sample contracts, and procurement. The Handbook is available free to all of FEIs new policyholders and renewal policyholders. 


If you would like more information about loss control activities, please contact Jeff Miller at 720-931-2179


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