Alan Potter

Actuarial Consultant

Alan joined FEI in 2001 to provide the growing MGA with actuarial expertise and analytical capabilities

that were needed for the company to better manage its business operations and respond to frequent

requests from insurance carriers and reinsurers. Alan has been involved in product development, loss

modeling, rate monitoring, financial forecasting and interfacing directly with the actuaries from our insurance

partners. Alan is frequently involved data reporting activities, internally for FEI and externally with our insurance

partners. Alan is also part of the senior management team and involved in strategic planning regarding programs,

carrier relationships, automated systems, and personnel decisions.

Alan worked for 7 years as a Research Scientist at the Denver Research Institute, Alan worked as an Actuarial Analyst for National Farmers Union, Corporate Accounts Division, under the direction of consulting actuaries from Milliman & Robertson. Prior to joining FEI, Alan was employed by Environmental Risk Insurance Company for 11 years where he was instrumental in risk analysis and development of quantitative models for environmental exposures.

Education & Affiliations

Dr. Potter earned a Ph.D. degree from the University of Denver. His education and work experiences encompass Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Modeling, Multivariate Statistics, and Actuarial Science.

Please contact Alan at:

(720) 931-2101