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Welcome to the Freberg Resource Network

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Welcome to the Freberg Resource Network, provided to selected Freberg Environmental insureds. Freberg offers these services to address employers’ organizational HR/employment practices and safety challenges. Policyholders will experience significant value by leveraging the effective and easy-to-use solutions, including the below benefits:

  • NEW! 8-Hour HAZWOPER refresher training

  • Unlimited and documented advice from employment law attorneys on both day-to-day and complex     HR / employment law issues

  • Online training courses and videos, including harassment training for supervisors and employees, and     safety / OSHA-related topics

  • A state-specific employee handbook and policy builder

  • A customizable job description builder

  • Live and recorded webinars, with HR continuing education credits available

  • Forms, posters, best practices guides, articles, podcasts and much more

Freberg Resource Network Testimonials

“We have completed all 6 modules of the HAZWOPER training. This is a great platform. A lot of good feedback from the employees regarding this training. We will be using it again when needed.”

Compliance Environmental, Inc.


“At one point somebody called me from your company and I was smart enough to listen to them when they showed me this webpage. It's a great resource. I probably haven't used it enough, but when something like this happens and I need a particular policy or procedure, it's nice to have. Usually you think "no I don't need that" or "whatever", but it always pays to listen.”

 – Noble Environmental Services Corporation


"HAZWOPER recertification is a very strong marketing tool we can use for environmental contracting and consulting accounts. Really cool that the program is automated, on mobile apps​ and doesn't require extra work from our agency. All-in-all, very impressed by the program enhancement, the positive benefit and a strong marketing tool for wholesalers.

John A., Texas-based wholesale broker


"I am surely going to hunt and peck through this site today. There is so much great stuff to go through, and we can benefit in so many areas with this. We do not have a handbook, so I'm excited to start there. Between the posters and attorney advice, this is surely going to be a cost saving."

Connie D., Vice President, NC


"I like the site. I find it will be helpful. Some great features are the poster, attorneys, and pretty much the entire site. I would recommend this service to other employers, and I'm glad we have this access through Freberg.

Mindi L., Office –Manager, CA

"The handbook builder will be very helpful, especially when it comes time to update it. With all the California laws to keep track of, being able to obtain state-specific information on changing laws will be really helpful and will definitely be a benefit."

– Tina L., Office Manager, CA​

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