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Where to report a first notice of claim by program:

FEI Program
Email Claim Notice to:
Information to include with first notice of claim:
Claim Notice Phone Number
Ph: 855 688-2795
Ph: 855 597-7616
Hazardous Materials and
Hazardous Waste Haulers

Environmental Programs*

•  Engineers, Consultants &    

   Contractors (ECC)

•  Environmental Impairment

    Liability (EIL) 

•  GL/EIL Products Pollution (PPL)

•  Follow Form Excess

*If the claim involves a pollution emergency on an environmental program policy, please also

report it to the Spill Center.
Spill Center Notice
GB Client #: 004670 (VDN9095)

GB Client Name:

Arch Hazmat Trucking Ins Program 

Insured Name

Policy Number

Insureds Contact Name,

Phone Number and Email address

Year & Make of Insured Vehicle: Last 6 digits of the

VIN Number.

Claimant Name and

Phone Number

Insured Name
Policy Number 
Insured Contact Information 
Architects & Engineers
Contractors Professional
Insured Name
Policy Number 
Insured Contact Information 
Ph: 225 376-0257

Questions about Hazardous Materials and Waste Hauler claims, contact:

Brenda Ryberg

Program Manager
800 377-4152 (ext 2136)

Questions about ECC, EIL, GL PPL and A&E claims, contact:

Karen Blodgett

Director of Claims & Operations
800 377-4152 (ext 2124)

In California dba: FEI Insurance Services / License # 0G89298