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Environmental Engineers, Consultants & Contractors

FEI’s largest and longest-running program is the Environmental Engineers, Consultants and Contractors (ECC) Program which provides coverage to environmental contractors, engineers and consultants. Insureds can purchase a package policy providing coverage that fits their particular operation. The package policy includes commercial general liability (CGL), contractor pollution liability (CPL) and professional liability.



• Worldwide coverages

• Separate limits for defense

• Transit coverage available

• Media & Technology Coverage available

• OCP Policies-in conjunction w/pkg

• Railroad Protective Policies

• Competitive Pricing

• Excellent Customer Service

• Loss Control manual provided to each insured

• Mold loss control manual available



• Up to $16 Million limit of liability

• Minimum Premium: $2,000



• Commercial General Liability

• Contractors Pollution Liability

• Professional Liability

• Commercial Excess Liability (Umbrella)


Coverage is written through members of W.R. Berkley companies, rated A+ XV by AM Best.


For more information on the services and products offered by the ECC insurance program,

download the ECC Fact Sheet or contact:  


Brandon Turner, MBA

Vice President, Program Manager 

Environmental Engineers, Consultants and Contractors

O: (720) 868-8540

C: (913) 475-9888


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